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Lundell Plastics

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Get the most out of your auger

  1. Operate augers at low speeds and keep the mouth of the auger well supplied with grain. This will maintain a fuller auger and minimize damage during harvest. ¹
  2. Replace worn augers, especially if you are using standard steel augers. As augers wear you can expect grain damage to increase. ¹
  3. Use UHMW Wearshoes to extend the life of your auger. These durable poly products protect your equipment from the typical wear and tear of harvest. In addition to saving you money on maintenance, the wearshoes minimize damage to grain
  4. Keep bearings and tubes in good shape. If the auger wobbles within the tube because of either worn bearings or a worn motor mount, grain damage will increase due to increased contact with the flighting edge. ¹

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