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Corn Head Parts

Corn Head Parts

ExoPlate™ Corn Head Parts are durable and long-lasting, keeping your head performing the way a new head would. Protect against damaging wear and minimize the number of ears that escape your corn head.

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Corn Head Parts

Repair Worn Snouts

Corn head snouts are prone to wear over time. Give them extra protection from the wear and tear of the job. Corn head parts such as front divider wear strips and rear divider wear plates will keep your snouts harvest-ready and running smoothly year after year.

Front Divider Wear Strip and Wear Plate

A. Front Divider Wear Strip - New Style
B. Front Divider Wear Strip - Old Style
C. Rear Divider Wear Plate

All In, Less Out

With Ear Saver Flaps, reduce the number of ears that escape your corn head during harvest. Make sure you don't leave your hard earned money lying in the field.

Ear Saver Flaps
Corn Head Parts
Product Part# Price
Front Divider Wear Strips
John Deere - Old Style 04HJ8S $29.00/set
John Deere - New Style 04HJ8S-1 $29.00/set
Rear Divider Wear Plate
John Deere - Old Style 04HJ8R $20.00/set
John Deere - New Style 04HJ8R-1 $20.00/set
Case IH (will not fit 1000 series) 04HC22 $53.00/set
New Holland 04HC22 $53.00/set
Gathering chain paddles
Fits JD and Case IH (16 required per row) $1.50/ea
Ear Saver Flaps
John Deere - Old Style $4.00/ea
John Deere - New Style $4.00/ea
* New Style = JD Serial Numbers 695301 and up.
** Please note prices subject to change without notice.

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