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Lundell Plastics

Where Innovation Takes Shape.

Lundell Plastics engineers and develops innovative industrial plastic products such as ExoPlate™ Liners, Poly Screw Conveyor Flighting, and Drag Conveyor Paddles. From liners for U–troughs, truck beds or industrial chutes, to UHMW Wearshoes and Poly Cupped or Poly Straight Flighting, Lundell industrial poly products are designed to meet your needs for any application. If you’re having trouble finding what you need, Lundell Plastics has the capability to produce custom poly products—create anything you can imagine with our next-level plastic fabrication technology

Auger Flighting

Poly Cupped Flighting

The Gentle Giant

The Rugged Flighting That’s Gentle to Grain and Seed.

University testing has proven Lundell’s Poly Cupped Flighting to be the most gentle option when it comes to handling crops—but its uses don’t end there. Made from durable, abrasion-resistant poly material, Poly Cupped Flighting offers longevity and effective handling of whatever material you throw its way.

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Poly Straight Flighting

The Perfect Fit

The New Industry Standard.

When you order our Poly Straight Flighting, direct from our factory, you know you’re getting the technology at the best price. Poly Straight Flighting is made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), which is safe for food handling and able to handle tough jobs like transporting corrosive materials.

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UHMW Wearshoes

Your Auger Upgraded

Extends The Life Of Any Auger

Steel isn’t always second-rate. As long as an auger has the protection of Lundell Plastics’ UHMW Wearshoes, it’s O.K. by us.

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ExoPlate Liners

ExoPlate U-Trough Liner

U-Trough Liners


Protect your U-troughs and keep work flowing smoothly with the all-new ExoPlate U-trough liners. Made of our durable ExoPlate, they provide critical protection in the high-wear environment of U-troughs.

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General Use Liners

Armor for Your Hard-Working Equipment™

You’re hardworking and your equipment is hardworking, why not keep it that way? ExoPlate is made of our ox-tough UHMW, so it’s ready for the most difficult applications. The wear-resistant surface gladly takes the abuse as your new or used equipment carries on. Plus, the FDA approval rating means it’s safe for food handling.

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Additional Industrial Products

Drag Conveyor Paddles

Poly Technology For Conveyors

We can make drag conveyor paddles to fit any shape or make of conveyor. Paddles can be made out of UHMW or hi-temp UHMW depending on the temperature of the material being handled. Paddles will be precision cut for easy installation.

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Custom Poly Products

Custom Fabrication

Put Lundell’s decades of experience to work on your own innovative ideas! Whether you have a new idea to improve your equipment, or need a replacement part that simply can’t be found, Lundell Plastics has the capability to create anything you can imagine.

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Injection Molding


At Lundell, innovation is only limited by your imagination. We’ll help your innovative ideas take shape with our cutting-edge injection molding technology. Whatever industry you’re in or project you have in mind, we’ll work with you to custom fabricate products that meet your needs.

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Plastic Machining/CNC Routing


Our automated precision opens the door to a world of possibilities. With the ability for 5–axis CNC routing and a continuously expanding range of tools, we can provide customers with the high quality machine parts in an efficient and precise manner. We invest in our facility’s operations so we can continue to progress and innovate along with our customers.

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Our advanced thermoforming technology allows for the cost effective production of large parts with minimal tooling costs. This means turning your ideas into reality comes standard with competitive pricing and a quick turnaround time.

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Protective Plastic Materials


HDPE, UHMW & HMWPE Materials

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