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Lundell Plastics

Where Innovation Takes Shape.


Injection Molding Technology

If you're someone who thinks outside the box, or wants to work with people who do, Lundell Plastics is the perfect fit. Whether you have a new idea for improving your equipment or need a replacement part that can't be found, we can help. With Lundell Plastics' robust manufacturing abilities and decades of industry experience, innovation is only limited by your imagination.

Make your idea a reality with Lundell Plastic's cutting-edge injection molding technology. Whatever part or product you have in mind, we’ll work with you to custom fabricate it with accuracy, consistency, and efficiency. Built with strong and reliable UHMW poly, our manufacturing process ensures that your custom product or part will have a long life and and work well in the application for which you need it.

Injection Machine Injection Molding Machine

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