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Dry Inoculator

FreeFlo™ Dry Inoculator

FreeFlo™ Dry Inoculator

The FreeFlo™ Dry Inoculator can accurately meter all dry materials such as inoculants, talc and graphite. Most everyone uses seed lubricants or inoculants but how accurately are they being distributed? Uneven distribution of the lubricants and inoculants can reduce planting accuracy and yield which costs you money.

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FreeFlo Dry Inoculator


Our variable speed FreeFlo Dry Inoculator takes the effort and guesswork out of this process. Simply fill the 30lb hopper with your material, set at your desired rate and fill your planter boxes. Your seed is now evenly coated and ready to plant flawlessly. Use in conjunction with the FreeFlo™ Wireless Remote to automatically start and stop the material flow with your auger or conveyor.

Properly inoculated seed can provide:

  • Higher planting accuracy
  • Reduced wear on planter plates and surfaces
  • Smooth and even-flowing seed
  • Reduced clogging and down time

Accurately meters inoculants and lubricants

  • Accurately meters and distributes talc, graphite, and dry seed inoculants
  • Standard 12V operation (120V optional)
  • 30lb capacity hopper
  • Variable speed drive for adjustable application rate
  • Reduces need to clean planter sensors due to graphite buildup

Installation Tips

Mount the unit as low as possible on the tender to allow for easier filling.

If you are having difficulty directing the flow of the talc or inoculant to the center of the conveyor, PVC fitting can be attached to the end of the auger to help direct the flow. Most materials will flow through and drop pipe at a 45 degree or steeper angle.

Support the end of the discharge auger to the tender to prevent bouncing when traveling with the tender.

Maintenance Tips

Clean out the tank at the end of each season to prevent caking of material in the tank and drive unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything to prevent bridging in the tank?
Yes, anytime the inoculator is being used the material in the tank is being agitated.

How much material will the tank hold?
Approximately 30 lbs depending on the material.

Can the inoculator be wired into the tender control?
On any tender where there is a 12V signal to start and stop the conveyor, the inoculator can easily be wired to come on and off with the conveyor.

What materials can be applied?
Talc, graphite and clay based inoculants or blends of the previously mentioned products. The only known products that will not work are some of the straight peat based inoculants.

Product Pairings

The wireless remotes can provide an easy way to start and stop the inoculator along with controlling other tender functions.


Examples of installed FreeFlo Dry Inoculator

FreeFlo™ Dry Inoculator Products
5-30lb/hr with 2ft long auger
5-30lb/hr with 4ft long auger
20-80lb/hr with 2ft long auger
20-80lb/hr with 4ft long auger

Short video clip of our FreeFlo™ Dry Inoculator applying talc at a rate of 80lb/hr.

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Customer Testimonials

FreeFlo™ Dry Inoculator Testimonials

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Have used the [Free Flo] Dry Inoculator with poly cup flighting and does a excellent job on seed treatment. The only way to apply graphite to the planter for even seed coat.”

Kurt May