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ExoPlate Tank Fill Tube Liners

Specifically Designed to Last

ExoPlate™ Tank Fill Tube Liners have been specially designed for fill tubes. They outwear steel by reducing friction, power consumption and buildup. The liners cover the entire length of tube to ensure that your combine stays protected. And with easy installation, guarding your equipment from corrosion is more convenient than ever.

Installation Instructions

John Deere 50, 60, and 70 Series Tank Fill Tube Liner Exoplate Installation Instructions Download PDF »

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New Sizes

Brand Product Model Price Order Online
John Deere        
  04J95F 9400, 9410, 9500, 9510 $69.35 Buy
  04J50F-1 9450, 9550, 9650W $79.35 Buy
  04J96F 9600 $69.35 Buy
  04J50F-2 9650, 9750, 9660, 9760, 9860, 9670 $79.35 Buy
  04J70F-1 9560, 9570 $79.35 Buy
  04J70F-2 9770, 9870 $79.35 Buy
Case IH        
  04C00F 1660, 1666, 1680, 1688, 2144, 2166, 2188, 2344, 2366, 2388, 2588 $79.35 Buy
New Holland        
  04N86F TR86, TR87, TR88 $110.00 Buy
  04N96F TR89, TR96, TR97, TR98 $110.00 Buy
  04NCRF (Upper) CR940, CR960, CR970, CR9040, CR9060, CR9070 $79.35 Buy
  04NCRF-1 (Lower) CR940, CR960, CR970, CR9040, CR9060, CR9070 $79.35 Buy
* Please note prices subject to change without notice.
ExoPlate Tank Fill Tube

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Note: All ExoPlate plastic liners are corrosion resistant and FDA approved for food handling.

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