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Lundell Plastics

Where Innovation Takes Shape.

Poly Straight Auger Flighting

Poly Straight Flighting

Industrial and Food Processing Augers

The New Industry Standard

When you order our Poly Straight Flighting, direct from our factory, you know you're getting the best plastic auger technology at the best price.

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poly straight flighting

Poly Straight Flighting

The Perfect Fit

When you order our Poly Straight Flighting, direct from our factory, you know you're getting the best technology at the best price. Poly Straight Flighting offers an economical way to dump your outdated steel auger and upgrade to the industry staple.

Our Poly Straight Flighting is a great fit for any industrial application. Its durable construction makes it ideal for tough jobs like food processing or handling corrosive materials. Poly Straight Flighting comes to you on your choice of sturdy galvanized or stainless steel center tube to install easily in your application.

Poly Straight Flighting is made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), which is safe for food handling. Also available in Extra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (EHMW), our most rugged material for high-wear applications. With all the benefits, it's clear to see why poly flighting is the new industry standard.

How Plastic Augers Benefit Your Industrial Operation

Our poly straight flighting is trusted by top manufacturers, bring value from installation through long-term use. This product's benefits include:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Lightweight design
  • Lower power usager
  • Smooth, non-stick transport
  • No-hassle upgrade from steel
  • Easy installation
  • Custom sizes available

Custom Flighting

Great ideas can’t be boxed in. Lundell Plastics creates Poly flighting for nearly any application imaginable. Just contact us at 877 367 7659 and we’ll take it from there!

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Customer Testimonials

Poly Straight Flighting Testimonials

The ethical treatment of our customers is a great responsibility. The customer is number one at all levels of the company. Take a look at what our customers and dealers have to say about Lundell Plastics.

I purchased a poly cup auger to replace the steel auger in our seed tender. I purchased the seed tender used and after using it I noticed quite a few broken kernels of seed corn in the planter box. I replaced the steel auger with a [Lundell Plastics] poly cup screw and I saw virtually no broken kernels during the whole planting season. I was very impressed. Would definitely recommend poly cup augers. They are well worth the investment. We are also in the grain bin business and have been selling poly cup augers to our customers who grow seed beans and food grade corn. Lundell Plastics' augers do a great job and are very economical since you can pull out the steel screw and put in the poly cup screw without changing any other equipment. I have worked with the sales team to make some pretty elaborate drives on the poly cup screws for power sweeps and have had great luck when they arrive fitting correctly and bolting up nicely. Thanks!

- Brandon Hastings

Plastic flighting works well, with little to no seed damage.

- Jeff Hefter