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Lundell Plastics

Where Innovation Takes Shape.

Start your planting season off right with the protection of poly-based products from Lundell Plastics. Our plastic agriculture products are designed to enhance your seed handling equipment, protect machinery from wear, and increased efficiency in the field.

Lundell Plastics poly products for planting include: Poly Cupped Flighting, FreeFlo tubes and accessories, and additional products such as the HitchSaver, QuickHinge… and ExtrAcre Planter Box Extension.

Protect your crop and seed handling equipment, deliver more intact seed your field, get increased germination rates, and spend less time on repairs and maintenance.

Auger Flighting

Poly Cupped Flighting

The Gentle Giant

Rugged Flighting That's Gentle to Grain and Seed

What happens when you combine the longevity of Lundell's poly technology with trusted university testing? You get Poly Cupped Flighting, a tough industry giant that handles your crop with care.

Poly Cupped Flighting


FreeFlo Bulk Fill Tubes

Fast and Flexible

Perfect for Bulk Fill Applications.

FreeFlo Bulk Fill Tubes are perfect for bulk fill applications where extended telescoping lengths are not required. They are compact yet flexible, allowing for easy positioning of the tube when loading your bulk fill planter.

Bulk Fill Tube Details

FreeFlo Telescoping Tubes

Get a Handle on Your Work

Make Quick Work of Seed Loading.

FreeFlo Telescoping Tubes help you make quick work of seed loading. They extend and retract to distribute seed easier, faster, and with less spillage.


FreeFlo Wireless Remote

Complete Freedom

Versatile and Easy to Use.

Introducing the all-new FreeFlo Wireless Remote. It gives you the ability to maneuver and power your FreeFlo tubes with the greatest of ease. Our handy remote is set conveniently in the handle for easy access and reach in the field, or can detach to go wherever you go during planting season!


FreeFlo Dry Inoculator

FreeFlo Dry Inoculator

Accurately Meter All Dry Materials Such As Inoculants, Talc and Graphite

The FreeFlo Dry Inoculator can accurately meter all dry materials such as inoculants, talc and graphite, making for higher planting accuracy and reduced wear. Seed lubricants or inoculants are common practice, but the FreeFlo Dry Inoculator takes your planting to the next level with evenly coated seed, every time.


Additional Planting Products


Wear Out Your HitchSaver, Not Your Drawbar!

The HitchSaver is a tough little ring made for abuse. Planting season is busy enough without adding on preventable repairs. The HitchSaver reduces friction between the implement and the drawbar, greatly extending the life of your expensive draw bar.



Makes Planting a Snap

Close Every Lid In Seconds, Attach Them For Good.

During planting, the last thing you want to deal with is lost lids. The QuickHinge keeps lids secure and makes it easier to fill your planter boxes.


ExtrAcre Planter Seed Box Extension

Less Filling, More Planting

Reduce the Stop and Go.

Reduce the stop and go that results from the constant need to refill your planter boxes. With planter box extensions, you can increase each hopper's capacity by over a bushel, maximizing the number of rows between you and your next fill.


Closer Circle Wheels

The Closer Closing Wheels

The Closer closing wheels ensures adequate seed-to-soil contact while eliminating side wall compaction. Curved tooth design prevent lifting of the seed. Works in a wide variety of soil types and tillage practices. Non-stick poly design works great for in-between" nitrogen applications. Great for no-till and full tillage corn emergence.

Excellent for notilling soybeans in to corn stalks soybeans emerge much quicker.