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Wireless Remote

FreeFlo™ Wireless Remote

Convenience and Command in the Field

With the FreeFlo Wireless Remote you can maneuver and power your FreeFlo tubes with the greatest of ease.

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Freeflo Wireless Remote Overview

FreeFlo Wireless Remote

Freedom with Full Control

The FreeFlo™ Wireless Remote gives you more control and improves maneuverability in the field. Our handy remote is set conveniently in the handle for easy access and reach, or can detach to go wherever you go! To learn more about our wireless remote or place your order, contact Lundell Plastics today.

With no wires, you have complete freedom. You can move however you’d like without worrying about wire snags. It’s good to be free!

Adapts to Your Operation

Best yet, the compact and weather-tight receiver and transmitter can be used to control almost any 12V function up to 5 amps! Set it to control actuators, solenoid valves, throttle control motors or whatever you need!

Easy To Use

Our easy-to-operate buttons and compact designs keep things simple — no more pesky wires. Plus, installation is easy since the kit comes complete with everything you need.

Latching functions consist of two buttons. When the 'Start' button is pressed, 12V power is supplied to one of the outputs and is "latched" on until the 'Stop' button is pressed. Momentary functions consist of one button on the transmitter. Power is supplied to one of the outputs only when the corresponding transmitter button is pressed and held.

Instruction Manuals

Installation Tips

Follow wiring instructions included with the kit closely to prevent damage to the unit.

Be sure ground wires are well connected as this is a common area that can cause issues.

Be sure the 12V battery on the tender is well charged and providing 12V of power as low voltage can cause sporadic operation.

Maintenance Tips

Remove the battery from the tender and store inside to prevent battery drain and possible freeze damage.

Store the transmitter in a dry location and install a new CR2032 battery at the beginning of each season.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are they reliable?
Yes, with proper installation and battery maintenance they will provide many years of trouble free service.

Will they interfere with any other electronics, or can they be triggered by other remotes?
No, each wireless system has its own secure signal so it can't be interfered with. Multiple FreeFlo™ remote setups can even be used in close proximity and they will not interfere with each other.

Are they waterproof?
Yes, the receiver is weatherproof and can be left outside year around. The transmitter is weather resistant and can withstand periods of rain, but it is not recommended to leave exposed to the elements for a prolonged period of time.

Does the transmitter need a clear line of sight to the receiver?
No, the signal will pass through anything standing in the line of sight.

How far away can the transmitter be from the receiver and still work?
Up to 100 yards.

How many products can I have my remote configured for?
Each remote can have up to 3 products configured to the remote.

Product Pairings

This product works well with seed tenders, actuators, automotives, boat lifts, electric gates, feeding systems and more!

FreeFlo™ Wireless Remote Products
Single Latching Function
Double Latching Function
Dual Momentary Functions
Single Latching Dual Momentary
Replacement Transmitter
FreeFlo™ Wireless Remote Accessories
Remote Handle Add On
Hydraulic Solenoid Valve
Variable Speed Throttle Actuator

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Customer Testimonials

FreeFlo™ Wireless Remote Testimonials

High Quality Equipment & Customer Service

The customer is number one at all levels of the company. Take a look at what our customers have to say about Lundell Plastics.

Bulk Fill Tube and Wireless Remote are very well made and user friendly.”

Brian Olson