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Lundell Plastics

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Plastic thermoforming equipment

Our advanced custom thermoforming technology allows for the cost-effective production of large parts with minimal tooling costs. This means turning your ideas into reality comes standard with competitive pricing and a quick turnaround time with Lundell Plastics.

What is Thermoforming?

Thermoforming plastic components is done by taking a solid sheet of plastic, heating it until it is pliable, then pressing the sheet against a formed mold with a vacuum. Because the plastic in a thermoformed piece is never completely melted, the material retains its original surface finish—unlike steel parts that must be painted afterwards. This means that a thermoformed part can save the end user in finishing costs.

Custom Thermoforming Capabilities:

  • Ability to handle large projects with 12" x 12" - 48" x 84" Part size with 30" draw
  • No secondary finishing process required
  • Capability to make UV stable products
  • No rusting, denting, or scratching through the color
  • 5 axis CNC routing
  • In-house engineering, design and prototyping
  • Mold and trim fixture manufacturing capable
  • Full in-house Assembly
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