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Lundell Plastics

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Lundell Plastics ExtrAcre Planter Box Extension


High-Capacity Seed Box Extensions

Reduce the stop and go that comes from the constant need to refill your planter boxes. With ExtrAcre Planter Box Extensions, you can increase each hopper’s capacity by over a bushel, maximizing the number of rows between you and your next fill.

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ExtrAcre Planter Box Extensions Overview

ExtraAcre Planter Seed Box Extension from Lundell Plastics

Less Filling, More Planting

Our number one goal is to keep you in your seat. Lundell Plastics' ExtrAcre Planter Seed Box Extensions can increase the number of acres between fills with over an additional bushel per hopper. This product snaps onto your planter seed box quickly, with no hopper modifications. By extending your run, these seedbox extensions save you time and lead to an easier, more efficient planting season.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will ExtrAcre fit all Kinze poly boxes?
ExtrAcre Planter Box Extensions will not fit the fiberglass models.

Will it fit all Deere 1.9 bu poly boxes?
ExtrAcre Planter Box Extensions will not fit the fiberglass models.

Product Pairings

The QuickHinge is a great item to pair with the ExtrAcre Planter Box Extension, as it allows for swift opening and closing during use.

ExtrAcre Products
Planter Box Extension - John Deere
Planter Box Extension - Kinze

* Compatible with poly boxes only.

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