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Stalk Stomper Replacement Shoes

Stalk Stomper Replacement Shoes

Regardless of your equipment brand, Lundell Plastics' replacement shoes offer long-lasting protection for your stalk stompers. Find the part for your equipment below or contact us for custom-built replacements.

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Protect Combine Tires and Track with Poly Stalk Stompers

Come harvest time, the crop stubble out in the field can be a potential obstacle for your harvester’s tires or tracks. Using stalk stompers helps minimize that risk, but how well are they protected? That’s where heavy-duty UMHW plastic replacement shoes for these vital harvesting components come into the picture. Lundell Plastics’ poly shoes protect the stompers from wear and prevent residue from building up and bunching when you’re out in the field. Prolong your stubble damage protection on your combines, tractors, and planters by swapping out worn components with reliable ExoPlate Stalk Stomper Replacement Shoes. You can these replacement shoes directly from us!

Stalk Stomper Replacement Shoes By Brand


Brand Part#
Lankota 04LS01
May Wes 04MS01
Shoup 04SS01
NDY 04NS01
* Custom stalk stomper shoes available upon request.
Stalk Stomper Replacement Shoes

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