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Wear out your HitchSaver, not your drawbar!

Keep your equipment in prime condition with the HitchSaver, a tough poly ring made for tough jobs. It reduces friction between the implement and the drawbar, extending the life of your expensive machinery and cutting down on unnecessary repairs during harvest.

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Product Information

Industrial Strength

The HitchSaver is made from durable, industrial strength UHMW. The tough poly ring effective and easy to use. Simply drop it on your drawbar and you're ready to go. Pulling implements can take a take a toll on your equipment, but the innovative HitchSaver can help prevent damage and preserve your drawbar for years to come.

Prevent Friction

The HitchSaver prevents metal-to-metal friction between your hitch and the attachment. With its economical cost, it is cheap insurance for your drawbar. A small investment now could save you on costly repairs or maintenance down the road‚ saving you time, money and frustration during the busy harvest season.

Lundell Plastics Plastic Hitch Saver
Lundell Plastics Plastic Hitch Saver
Product Thickness
Pin Size 1" 3/8"
Pin Size 1 ¼" 3/8"
Pin Size 1 ½" 3/8"
Pin Size 1 ¾" 3/8"
Pin Size 2" 3/8"
Pin Size 2 ¼" 3/8"
Pin Size 2 ½" 3/8"
Pin Size 2 ¾" 3/8"
Pin Size 1" 1/2"
Pin Size 1 ¼" 1/2"
Pin Size 1 ½" 1/2"
Pin Size 1 ¾" 1/2"
Pin Size 2" 1/2"
Pin Size 2 ¼" 1/2"
Pin Size 2 ½" 1/2"
Pin Size 2 ¾" 1/2"
* Please note prices subject to change without notice.

Need A Custom Size?

Lundell Plastics can fabricate a HitchSaver for any application, helping protect your equipment during harvest no matter the size or unique design. Contact Lundell Plastics for more information at 877 367 7659.

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