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Lundell Plastics

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Poly Straight Auger Flighting

Poly Straight Flighting


The Rugged Plastic Auger That's Gentle to Grain.

Poly Cupped Flighting combines the longevity of Lundel's poly technology with trusted university testing to create a proven solution that helps you get more out of every harvest. Your grain will be handled with care, and you'll be free from constant equipment wear.

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Poly Cupped Auger Flighting

Poly Straight Flighting

Protect Your Grain with a Poly Auger

Our plastic augers offer increased grain protection, and can be used as a replacement for steel augers in grain handling equipment around the farm. We can custom manufacture our Poly Cupped Flighting to fit bin loads with or without power sweeps, as well as transfer and transport augers. Whether you need to gently handle seed beans, popcorn, food grain corn, peas, edible beans, or just want to deliver more intact grain to your dryer or grain bin, our poly auger has you covered.

Tough to Beat

Go ahead and try. Lundell's Poly Cupped Flighting is tough enough to handle anything you throw its way. That's why top manufacturers have been including it as standard equipment for years. With the hi-tech durability to rival steel, Poly Cupped Flighting has become the choice of the hardest-working machines around.

Protect Your Hard Earned Yield

You've protected your yield from the very beginning, boosting the intact seed delivered to the field and defending your crops with sprays and treatments. With all your hard work over the growing season, don't lose out on your hard earned dollars come harvest time. Poly Cupped auger flighting is designed to handle your grain with care, protecting against potential losses and maximizing your yield.

98.5% Germination Rate

University testing proves our poly will only decrease germination by 1.5%. Our closest rival decreases germination by nearly 4 times as much.*

Decrease in Germination
Impact of Bulk Seed Handling report summary
* Authors: Dr. Matt Darr, Mr. Ben Rethmel, Mr Randall Reeder
Test Conducted at Ohio State Unversity.

99.62% Intact Seed

University testing proves that with our poly, 99.62% of your seed stays intact. Steel is shown to do five times more damage to your seed.

Soybean Crack Test Results *
Flighting Type Percent Breakage Average Breakage
Plastic Cup 0.38% 38
Bristle 0.35% 35
Steel 1.80% 180
Steel Cup 2.10% 210

Average breakage based on per 10,000 beans. Test ran with hydraulic motor at 12 gal/min (6” x 13’ uni-swivel auger at a 45° angle). Average moisture content of the bean seed samples was 12%.

* Information used with permission from J & M Manufacturing Co.

The Best Alternative

We challenge you to find a more gentle alternative for handling seed. Once you try our Poly Cupped Flighting, nothing else will do.

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Customer Testimonials

Poly Cupped Flighting Testimonials

High Quality Equipment & Customer Service

The ethical treatment of our customers is a great responsibility. The customer is number one at all levels of the company. Take a look at what our customers have to say about Lundell Plastics.

I purchased a poly cup auger to replace the steel auger in our seed tender. I purchased the seed tender used and after using it I noticed quite a few broken kernels of seed corn in the planter box. I replaced the steel auger with a [Lundell Plastics] poly cup screw and I saw virtually no broken kernels during the whole planting season. I was very impressed. Would definitely recommend poly cup augers. They are well worth the investment. We are also in the grain bin business and have been selling poly cup augers to our customers who grow seed beans and food grade corn. Lundell Plastics' augers do a great job and are very economical since you can pull out the steel screw and put in the poly cup screw without changing any other equipment. I have worked with the sales team to make some pretty elaborate drives on the poly cup screws for power sweeps and have had great luck when they arrive fitting correctly and bolting up nicely. Thanks!

- Brandon Hastings

Our new cupped seed auger was affordable, made well, and does not damage any seed. Very happy with this product.

Chris Roberts, Marion, NY

I have used poly cup flighting on my augers to replace worn out steel augers and couldn't ask for a better product. It fit exactly like the original and is safe on my popcorn. It helps me provide a higher quality product to the end user. Thank you Lundell Plastics.

Nathan Trapp

I've used the poly cup replacement parts. The parts I used were easy to install and user friendly. I got the parts in just a couple days which helped me out tremendous since it was in the heat of planting season.

Eric Manz

I was very pleased with the poly cupped flighting on my JD 787 air cart. Right after I bought my JD 1910 cart I replaced that flighting too. Very gentle on my peas, very quiet compared to steel, both flighting's were a perfect fit and affordable. I recommend this to everyone I talk to!

Brandon Carey

I have used three replacement poly cupped augers from Lundell for my seed tenders at my Pioneer Seed Sales business. The product is high quality and easy to install, one was even custom made to size and fit perfectly. I will be ordering from them again if the need arises.

Lance Gentle