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Lundell Plastics

Where Innovation Takes Shape.

What our customers are saying.

For over 35 years, Lundell Plastics has developed innovative products to increase efficiency for the agriculture and industrial industries. We continue listening to our customers so that we can improve our products, year after year. Below you will find testimonials from Lundell Plastics customers, who have found the value in our products across seasons and applications.

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"I ordered a liner for the horizontal auger on my 850 Kinze. I just wanted to let you know that we got it installed today and I was very impressed at how good it fit in the cart. The liner was cut at exactly the dimensions that I gave and it fit like it was made just for that cart. I will definitely be ordering more products in the future. Thank you."

William Keefhaver

"I ordered a poly cupped seed auger online and was very pleased with the experience, I had a question before ordering and the customer service rep was very knowledgeable on the product and application. Excellent product and service."

Travis Paddock

"Lundell's telescoping bulk seed tubes are the cats meow. They make filling my 1560 drill, along with my 7000 corn planter, effortless. I wouldn't have it any other way, it takes the work out of doing it. The tube telescopes very nicely and it is built above and beyond industry standards for the job application it is made for. It is my right hand during planting season. Great product, I highly recommend it. If you have a seed tender, this is one accessory that you can't do without."

Bob Mischke, Mischke Farms, Baroda, MI

"Staff is very professional and easy to work with."

Kelly Hasbargen

"I have used Lundell's poly cupped seed tender flight, and have converted all my tenders to it."

Ethan Everett

"I needed to build some augers for our small snack food plant, as purchasing entire pre-made units was not economically feasible, nor was there a unit that matched my exact needs. Ryan Weitzel was there to talk me through the process, suggest a solution, and then custom cut the flighting to make our project work. And the cost was absolutely perfect. We come back every time we have auger needs."

Frank Taylor

"I bought a small auger for a home-built machine, so talking to a person makes the difference."

Joseph Kaiser

"We build machines for the food industry and previously used Martin poly flights. Lundell's poly flights are higher quality and less expensive and have a better lead time.They know how to package the product so it arrives without damage."

Chris Hultman

"Order was taken by a very friendly and professional lady, her name escapes me, but the whole process was fast; received order earlier than expected, will order from this company again when needed!!!"

John Mills

"Terrific service and [Lundell Plastics] holds up better than original."

Ronnie Mohr

"The [ExoPlate] U-Trough Liner and Poly Cupped Flighting we ordered for a maltery setup works really well. There is no damage to the barley, which is very important for high-quality malt."

Joseph Ezzell

"It [Lundell Plastics product] has worked per our expectations and saved money."

Kenny Mims

"Expanding [Telescoping] tube for auger works great."

Anonymous Customer

"Great service and product."

Tim Rasor

"I utilize products from Lundell Plastics for all of my seed tenders. The bulk fill tubes are durable and easy to install. I had to order a new bulk fill tube for a customer's planter, and was able to get it within a couple days. I'm very impressed with their affordability and punctuality."

Adam Rothe, Rothe Family Seed LLC

"I want a quality product, and you have them."

Wes Paul

"Installed auger liner and flitting in my JD 9670 incline auger 2 years ago and performs well."

Bill Heikens

"We called Lundell and they got onto my project with enthusiasm! It wasn't a very big job, but they treated me as their biggest customer! An awesome company to deal with."

Marvin Klop

"We use the UHMW sheets to line hoppers that have worn through the steel. Also, the preformed UHMW liners for screw conveyors have helped us keep running, and save on replacement costs. After 3 years of running, we cannot find any wear on the plastic. If it was bare steel, we would have worn through each season from the soybeans running over it."

Mike Scheirer

"We were looking for a solution to a build up problem. The salesman was very helpful, and got the custom flighting we needed. Also priced right."

Ray Paulsen

"Great place to deal with very helpful people."

Steve Bringer

"[HitchSaver] saves on my hitches"

Allan Mortensen

"[Lundell Plastics] poly extends the auger use."

Kent Larson

"Every time I have called in with a question, or to place an order, I have been greeted professionally and if one person cannot answer a question, they get you to someone that can. The product has always shipped and arrived in a very timely manner. The crew at Lundell Plastics does an excellent job."

Scott Anderson

"I had a custom project made; worked quite nicely."

Chuck Borgmeier

"Was looking for ways to rebuild a wearing hitch. Found HitchSaver and all problems were affordably and easily solved."

Lance Wickum

"Needed a piece of flighting for an auger, it was new to us, and we didn't know what we had. Looked up a Google search for plastic auger flighting, Lundell came up in the search. Called to confirm what we needed, and Lundell's staff was friendly and eager to help."

Ken Dahl

"Have used the [Free Flo] Dry Inoculator with poly cup flighting and it does an excellent job on seed treatment. The only way to apply graphite to the planter for even seed coat."

Kurt May

"We were having trouble finding plastic sheeting to keep our cattle from licking the wood out of the bottom of the mineral troughs but Lundell had what we needed... problem solved. Thanks Lundell Plastics."

J. Williams

"I purchased a poly cupped auger to replace the steel auger in our seed tender. I purchased the seed tender used and after using it I noticed quite a few broken kernels of seed corn in the planter box. I replaced the steel auger with a [Lundell Plastics] poly cup screw and I saw virtually no broken kernels during the whole planting season. I was very impressed. Would definitely recommend poly cupped augers. They are well worth the investment. We are also in the grain bin business and have been selling poly cup augers to our customers who grow seed beans and food grade corn. Lundell Plastics' augers do a great job and are very economical since you can pull out the steel screw and put in the poly cup screw without changing any other equipment. I have worked with the sales team to make some pretty elaborate drives on the poly cup screws for power sweeps and have had great luck when they arrive fitting correctly and bolting up nicely. Thanks!"

Brandon Hastings

"I ordered my flighting and installed with a couple of flight sections missing and Lundell immediately sent them to me so I could complete the install."

Elmer Kief

"The HitchSavers are the best product I've used in a long time. Saved me a lot of money in repairs on implement hitches. Well worth the money!"

Brian Fladstol

"I've used the poly cupped replacement parts. The parts I used were easy to install and user friendly. I got the parts in just a couple days which helped me out tremendous, since it was in the heat of planting season."

Eric Manz

"When trying to decide on which product to purchase, the staff was well educated and intuitive to my needs."

Fred Kinkaid

"Our new cupped seed auger was affordable, made well, and does not damage any seed. Very happy with this product."

Chris Roberts, Marion, NY

"I always had trouble with the implement hitch and drawbar grinding until I found these HitchSaver. They work great! It wears out the HitchSaver and not the drawbar. It is by far the next-best thing since sliced bread. Keep up the good work and keep coming with new products."

Dan Armstrong

"Good sound product and friendly people."

Joseph Kaiser

"Bought a tube liner and auger bed liner for a 640 Kinze grain cart. Excellent fit, easy to install."

Denny Ilyes, Twin Pine Farm, Seven Valleys, PA

"Great service, knowledge, and product."

Eric Hart, Hartscapes, Inc.

"I purchased [UHMW] Wearshoes and followed the installation instructions using a plasma cutter to make the bolt holes. The auger flighting had a fair amount of wear and the wearshoe held up well at extended the auger's life."

Allen Grabau

"I ordered a tube liner for customers grain cart, install was easy and product was as advertised. Customer service is very knowledgeable and friendly. I recommend them highly."

Robert Hauserman, Hauserman Fabrication

"Plastic flighting works well, with little to no seed damage."

Jeff Hefter

"I was very pleased with the poly cupped flighting on my JD 787 air cart. Right after I bought my JD 1910 cart I replaced that flighting too. Very gentle on my peas, very quiet compared to steel. Both flightings were a perfect fit and affordable. I recommend this to everyone I talk to!"

Brandon Carey

"I installed the grain tank liners and all the pieces needed for installation were there and fairly easy to install."

D. Hubl

"I have ordered two different auger flightings from Lundell by phone. Both were manufactured correctly and shipped promptly."

Ron Williams

"The extending seed tube works great."

Dwight Keinath

"I have used poly cupped flighting on my augers to replace worn out steel augers and couldn't ask for a better product. It fit exactly like the original and is safe on my popcorn. It helps me provide a higher quality product to the end user. Thank you Lundell Plastics."

Nathan Trapp

"I needed to lengthen my seed tender and they solved my problem promptly and professionally!"

Bob Berry

"Ryan was great to work with. He was able to take a product that they [Lundell Plastics] had and machine it to my exact specs, for a great price in less than a week. Stellar performance!"

Frank Taylor

"Lundell Plastics provided an affordable and quality product that satisfied my needs appropriately."

Greg Shelton

"Product just works or you make it work."

Joseph S. Brosius

"I feel that you guys were able to understand what I was thinking about to fix my problem."

Wes Paul

"I used a [HitchSaver] on my feed wagon hitch. Spending $9.00 on plastic saves having to buy $120.00 hitch twice-a-year."

Allan Mortensen

"I ordered Lundell items via the website using my smartphone from my machine shed. Easy!"

Larry Williams

"The sales/tech staff at Lundell answered my questions fully and were very helpful ordering the correct custom flighting to repair my grain system. The shipping department exceeded my expectations in loading and securing the augers for the long trip home. I would definitely turn to Lundell Plastics again."

Richard Bayliss

"We have installed Wearshoes and [ExoPlate] Liners in a number of grain carts and the customers have been very happy with the performance and quality of Lundell Plastics products. Thanks for a great product."

Paxton Welding

"We replaced the auger on our 1910 Air Cart. It [Lundell Plastics Poly] was a perfect fit, made the auger much faster, and was very gentle on the seeds."

Adam Soeken

" Bulk Fill Tube and Wireless Remote are very well made and user friendly."

Brian Olson

"I have used three replacement poly cupped augers from Lundell for my seed tenders at my Pioneer Seed Sales business. The product is high quality and easy to install, one was even custom made to size and fit perfectly. I will be ordering from them again if the need arises."

Lance Gentle

"Great products!! Great service! Fast shipping!"

Martin Wiley

"I ordered several HitchSavers. I figured they might get worn and ragged after a while. I haven't used the extras yet. Tough as nails."

Larry Williams

"Lundell was able to provide me with EXACTLY what I needed, and modified their products to meet my peculiar needs. They made great suggestions that I would not have thought of, and provided the solution to me quickly and efficiently."

Frank Taylor

"I wouldn't hitch up without HitchSaver."

Jeff Jernigan

"I recently added a telescoping tube to my seed tender. It works so smoothly, no matter if I'm filling my no-till drill or the corn planter."

Anonymous Customer