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UHMW Auger Wearshoes

UHMW Tips & Recommendations

UHMW Tips & Recommendations

Follow these simple UHMW Wearshoes Tips & Recommendations to get the most out of your augers.

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UHMW Auger Wearshoes

Tips & Recommendations

Installation Tips

Have several c–clamps or c–clamp locking pliers available to hold the product in place for marking or drilling holes.

If there are large welds attaching the steel flighting to the center tube remove material from the wearshoe with a die grinder or utility knife to fit around the weld.

If drilling the holes, clamp the wearshoe in place and drill through the steel at the hole locations with a 1/4" drill bit.

In tight locations where a drill can't be used, mark the holes, remove the wearshoe and torch or plasma cut the holes.

Maintenance Tips

UHMW plastic wearshoes are virtually maintenance free. Be sure to inspect the wearshoes for signs of excessive wear at the end of each season.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will they last?
Typically 2 times the life of a steel auger.

Is it hard to drill the steel flighting?
No, the steel flighting is usually rather soft steel.

How many sizes are available?
We can make the wearshoes to fit any auger with some basic dimensions of the steel auger.

Product Pairings

Some customers use UHMW plastic wearshoes to prevent buildup of dirt or crop matter on the flighting. In this application, UHMW plastic wearshoes pair well with our tank fill tube liners and tank cross liners to provide a non–stick surface on both the flighting and the tube.

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